Please Pay Attention Several Things Before Buying Fairing Kit, Very Important!

1.Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

2.And our fairing are aftermarket parts NOT original parts, and customer who expect to receive fairing which is 100% same as OEM one, please don’t buy our fairing.

3.We need about 10-15 days for painting, and after we start to paint the fairing, order can’t be cancelled, and if you insist to cancel it, you have to pay 30% of total cost of the order.

4.We don’t care about the inside fairing, it means that the inside fairing maybe same like that, Please check the photos as below. And if you want to paint the inside fairing, please tell us firstly.

Please also pay attention that we ONLY send product to your Paypal address, we don’t accept to send fairing to the address which is different with your Paypal address.

As for other normal questions, please check the answer as below.

What shipping method are available?

We will send the fairing out by EMS or China Post Air Parcel.

How long does EMS or China Post Air Parcel delivery take?

Normally, the delivery time will be about 7-25 days when we send fairing by EMS, and 15-35 days when we send it by China Post Air Parcel.

How long would it take to order?

Normally it will take up from 10+ days to creat a brand new motorcycle fairing kit in quality.
The international air shipment will be lasting around 7-8 days.
You could expect to receive your new fairing kit within 3 weeks.

How could I reduce local taxes?

You may try the way that we’ve been doing:
Split the total payment into several times
Likewise you need to pay total payment of $600.
step 1: To make the first payment $200;
step 2: To make the second payment $400;
step 3: An invoice made in $200 will be shipped with your package;
step 4: Show your payment $200 paypal receipt or other evidence to customs when package arrived your country mainland.

It sounds a little bit crazy, but this is the best way to save your budget ????

Will my fairing arrive well?

We use professional package to ship your fairing, with the protection of foam and sponge material.

It’s been shipping our products all over the world, so we in person have seen what happens to our boxes when they go overseas; thus we can wrap them in some extra bubble just to be sure.

We already take care of all the details. Just trust us we will be the best packer ?

If it’s unfortunately to receive the fairing with small crack, you can use ABS plastic glue to fix it, please be sure that the glue you use is ABS plastic glue, do not use some 502 glue or so on.

What is ABS Injection Mold Fairing Kit?

Fairings are aftermarket Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic fairings, with good toughness and durability. Pure virgin ABS plastic is the material of choice as it displays good elasticity and heat tolerance properties.

What’s the difference between injection mold and compression mold fairings?

Injection molds

Injection mold is when heated (melted) plastic is injected or poured into a cool mold, it’s then left to set and cool and provides a more accurate fitment.

Exactly the same injection molds production method as the OEM.
So you won’t be having any fitment problem.


Compression molds

Compression mold is when a BIG plastic is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold.
All the bolt-on fix-tab-spot are manually placed by the experience motorcycle fairing master.
It only plays a good role of creating old model fairing.
So you need to have modification and adjusted the position before you put the bolt on, like drilling and cutting when necessary.

Is it possible to send me the picture of complete fairing set?

Yes, it is. It’s our duty to take every fairing pieces in detail pictures for you. These pictures will be sent to your email before its shipment.

Is it possible to make my customized fairing?

Yes, it is! You can customize your design and desired paint scheme, as long as you provide us with high quality pictures and instructions for our reference. We have experienced in-house artists and designers to make your paint scheme dreams come true.

Can i add custom stickers?

Yes, you can. Just tell us where you want to add it or replace.

Will I have to pay duty on my fairing kit when it arrives?

The short answer is a “YES”, and you have to pay the import tax fee when your fairing package arrives. Actually it all depend on the rule of your country, normally USA is non-tax needed.
Most of the country are setting the charge-tax-line on how much value your package is.
In our experience, we only declare USD$100 for each fairing kit; somehow it could help you to reduce duty cost.
For detail rate, please do check with your local customs.

Will your Fairing colours match my old ones?

We can not guarantee you a 100% match on the colour of your old Fairings because every manufacturer used different blend of materials. But usually they are extremely close. And the least close they will be is 95%. We highly recommend that you buy a full kit from us so that each and every part matches and fits perfectly and there are not differences in the panel colours.

Do you send me the paint color code used to paint my fairing kit?

We feel so sorry for that we don’t have an exact color code for you, because we use our own paint formulas.
The only thing you can do is too ask your local painter to adjust the new color when you receive our fairing package, all of our customer are doing so if they need to repaint their tank cover or other parts of fairing.

I am not understanding why there is no place for check out?

We feel so sorry for that, because it’s not safe for both of us when you make payment through website.

We will contact you as soon as possible after you place order, and send Paypal Invoice to you for payment by manual.

Can I expect your paint job totally same as OEM one?

No, our fairing is aftermarket fairing, and our paint job is good, but you can’t expect it same as your original fairing. no factory in China can’t say that his paint job is 100% same as original one. but we can ensure that the paint job is better than the cheap stuff which sold from Ebay, Aliexpress and so on.

What can I do if the fairing can't fit my bike?

First of all, please make sure that you order correct fairing for your bike,

Secondly, the bracket of your bike hasn’t been adjusted or collided before.

Thirdly, please ask your local technician who has years of experience to install the fairing on your bike.

If the fairing you ordered is made by injection mold, I can ensure that the fitment is 100% okay.

How to order?

First of all, please add every product into a cart, and go to your cart to check the total price to go ahead the next step.



Secondly, fill in with your correct address and other information required, then the shipping cost will be shown up, and you can click place order button.


Please do pay attention the note, in consideration of safety, we don’t accept that you make payment directly on my website. so we will send you Paypal invoice by manual.

Finally, we will contact you by Email to get your Paypal account, please remember to check your mail box. That is the invoice we will send to you, you can make payment on your Paypal account, all of that are proceed on Paypal website itself, it’s much safety for both of us.


What can I do if the fairing arrive broken?

If it’s just a little crack or scratch, we will provide you partial refund to repair the fairing on your local repair store.

And if the fairing is heavily broken, we will send you new one (to replace the broken part), And please pay attention that there maybe have color different between the new one and the broken one. Because if the design is complicate, The color different is very hard to avoid. Please understand that.